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SoundBite- Dental Marketing and Corporate Practices

SoundBite- Dental Marketing and Corporate Practices

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Everyday I have thoughts about the industry. Thoughts that I really wish I could get in the heads of all the practice owners out there. Well, since mental telepathy hasn’t been made commercially available (yet).. I guess I’ll just have to settle for recording my thoughts and posting them. Cue: SoundBites

Statistically, about 50% of the dental patient base will be served by corporate practices in the near future. By near future I mean less than 4 years from now. And I’m not guessing at it when I say that most single practices are nowhere near prepared for the impact. The way vision care has been corporatized will be the way of dentistry. Lots of commercials. Quick service options. Shiny signs on every corner and strip mall. Fewer options for private practices. I implore practice owners to beware and prepare. You gotta be proactive about it. If I were a practice owner I’d employ a business strategist and marketing strategist to help put a plan together right away. The corporate practices are doing this right now. I’ve worked for them and their Teams have teams that are put together solely to develop and grow their business(es).

Embarrassingly enough, I’ve attached an audio file of some ramblings I had earlier this year after reading an interesting article. Have a listen and stay tuned.



David Tolliver
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