As a business owner there are key factors that one must take into consideration, when marketing your services or product. Who is my key demographic? How do I want to market these services or products? What is my marketing budget? Just to list a few. The road to achieving maximum ROI (Return on Investment) is paved with great and innovative ideas.
How are you monitoring¬† the effective marketing campaigns vs non effective ones? The simple answer should be “data capture”. This can be as easy as asking your potential client/patient; How did your hear about us? This one simple question will help you effectively target which marketing campaigns work, and don’t work. Let’s say Smith Dental Group is currently running 3 campaigns titled “A” “B”¬† and “C”. When a potential patient calls in inquiring about their services the data capture question should be asked. Over a period of 1 month the office should start to see a trend showing which of the 3 campaigns were the strongest vs the weakest. This will help you better target your marketing dollars.

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