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Toothpaste. A Great Family Divide- Marketing Content

Toothpaste. A Great Family Divide- Marketing Content

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“Toothpaste, a great family divide.” These pics trended on Twitter last week. We thought of 3 uses to promote a dental practice. It’s all in the creative.

  • 1st- Choose the family angle or the individual angle. Everyone looking at these pics will think of themselves or their spouse (and maybe children)
  • 2nd- ┬áMake it Relatable– everyone can relate to one or more of these, then the job is just to relate it back to the practice.
  • 3rd- Engaging Content will always win. You can create a point of interaction on your website, at check-out, in email. Doesn’t matter. Any time you can create an experience that humanizes your practice/brand/dentistry- you win.

The lesson: it’s not always about selling the practice and giving away a $99 cleaning/exam. It’s about creating content that engages and endears people to your brand/practice. Dentistry is not sexy.. but it CAN be creative.

David Tolliver
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