You’ve wondered it. You’ve talked to your colleagues about it at your local chapter meeting, and if you’re an office manager or doctor; the two of you have had the talk monthly… where are the new patients? “I thought this insurance plan was going to double my new patient count.” Well, if you’ve got 4 minutes in between patients and calls, then you’ve got 2 new things you can instruct your staff to do right now.


  1. Create an Internal referral plan.

    No matter how many times we’ve worked with practices, the most cost effective marketing plan time and time tends to be the patients who come from within. And when you think about it, it costs nearly nothing to market to those already in the office. Its an captive audience so your practice should take advantage of it. Have your manager come up with 3 ways to increase internal (patient to patient) referrals. Trust me, they love the challenge of being creative and giving him or her the autonomy conveys trust from you. A win win.

  2.  Use the “Pumpkin Plan”

If you have read Mike Michalwicz’s soon-to-be business classic “Pumpkin Plan: a 7 Step Plan to Grow a Fast Business,” well, shame on you doctor. The basic principle is this, establish the best and most valuable, eliminate the worst and least valuable, then reinvest those resources back into the best. How does this apply to a practice? Don’t be afraid to lose an less valuable source of patients. Instead, use your resources on those sources that really put value in your chair. ie Spending $3500 and a month’s worth of chair time on those Groupon whitening deals to only break even result in 2 return visits… not a good plan.

If you have questions or just want some more information about on these 2 techniques, drop me line @ or

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