All-over-the-place, under pressure, hurried, swamped, assiduous, or having many irons in the fire

If you’re an office manager for a dentist, this is you. If you’re an owner of a practice.. this is your office manager. The solution? Delegation. Surprisingly, delegating tasks down the chain of command isn’t as simple (and especially isn’t as effective) as simply telling another person to “just handle it.” It’s an artform. And just as any form of art, your artful delegation will become more effective over time and with practice. So,  whether you’re an Office manager reading this with tons of claims to sort through, or Doctor figuring out where bottlenecks are happening in your practice, here are four quick steps to help organize and start your Artful Delegations.  

  1. You do it, they observe.

  2. You both do it together.

  3. They do it , you watch (in order to give feedback).

  4. They do it alone.

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